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iSubmit.com is a Search Engine Submission Firm based out of San Diego, Ca. We help customers build backlinks by submitting their websites to the smaller search engines and directories.

Why are backlinks important?  Google uses something called PAGERANK to determine how important a website is.  Their exact algorithm is a secret, but backlinks play a big part in it.  If a website has a link pointing back to your site (backlink), Google sees this as a vote of confidence in your site.  Now, the higher the Page Rank of that website which has your link on it, the more that vote means to Google.  If two identical websites were competing for the same keyword phrase on Google, the one with the higher Page Rank will usually rank higher.

iSubmit is a monthly subscription service, meaning once a month we will take your website and submit it to over 350 search engines (as of this writing, the actual number of websites is about 475).   This process will typically take us about four days to complete.  Once we have finished submitting your site, we will send you an email notification, and you can log into your account to view the results.

Do you have more than one website?

Contact our representatives and ask about how to become a Clientele Manager.

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